Senior & Family Housing Program

The Dundurn Housing Authority, on behalf of Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, offers the Senior Social Housing Program and Affordable Family Housing Program. These programs are designed to ensure that safe, adequate housing is available to those who could not otherwise afford it. Our tenants benefit from a safe place to call home, a community they can enjoy and peace of mind.

General Requirements for Senior & Family Housing

  1. Applicants must meet income and asset limit requirements to be eligible for the Housing Programs.
  2. All applicants are required to complete an application form and provide verification of income and assets, as requested.

Review Process:

  1. Applications are reviewed for eligibility and approved by the housing authority board of directors.
  2. We utilize a point score system that considers adequacy, suitability and affordability when determining the priority of need.
  3. Once approved, units are allocated upon availability on a priority based, point score system.

Additional Information

  1. Senior housing rent is based on income – 30% of gross household income, collected via pre-authorized payment.
  2. Units are smoke free – No smoking in the units by tenants or guests
  3. The Dundurn Housing Authority has a ‘No Pets’ policy that applies to tenants and guests.
  4. Senior Housing tenants are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own power. Heat, water/sewer/garbage pick up and grounds keeping are included in the rent.

Family Housing tenants are responsible for obtaining and paying for all utilities. Tenant is responsible for grounds keeping. (i.e. lawn mowing, weeding, snow removal, etc)

Any questions related to the Dundurn Housing Authority should first be directed to the manager.