Town Utility Information

Town Utility Information

The Town of Dundurn is a corporate partner of the  Dundurn Rural Water Utility (DRWU) and the Dundurn & Area Waste Water Utility (DAWWU) along with other municipalities. The DRWU purchases potable water from SaskWater and resells it to their subscribers by agreement. The Town is a large volume subscriber.

The DAWWU owns and operates the lagoon, lift stations & lines that service the lagoon and lift stations on behalf of the municipalities and charges the Town a fee by connection for those services.

Rates as of January 1, 2017:

Water – $4.07per cubic metre consumption

Water Delivery– $37.25 per month

Sewer Residential – $28.78 per month

Sewer Multi-Residential – $28.78 per unit/month.

Sewer Commercial – $4.07 per cubic metre based on water consumption with a minimum total charge of $28.78 per month.

Garbage/Recycling – $18.75 per month with alternating black & blue cart pick-up each Monday, including statutory holidays.

Loraas Residential Recycling – brochure.

Loraas Waste Collection Schedule 2016

Water & Sewer Infrastructure – $66.14 per month until August 2026  (If not prepaid as of December 11, 2011).

New build water & sewer infrastructure connection fee – $8,000.00 per curb stop connection (lot with no previous water or sewer connection to existing infrastructure)

One (1) cubic metre equals 219.9 imperial gallons.

Annual Waterworks Information

To review the Annual Waterworks Financial Overview and Capital Investment Strategy report, please click here.